RMLA Purposes

The purpose of the Association is:
a) Promotion of the maritime law unification reform;
b) Contribution to the harmonization of maritime law;
c) Participation in the codification reform of maritime law rules in Romania;
d) Active participation in the process of acknowledgement and accession to maritime law international conventions;
e) Promotion of maritime law uniformity through international conventions;
f) Promotion of harmonization of rules interpretation in the application of maritime law;
g) Creation of a forum for discussion of issues of maritime law, enforcement and interpretation of maritime law rules;
h) Accession to the International Maritime Committee;
i) Accession to foreign non-governmental associations and organizations operating in the field of maritime law unification;
j) Acting together with other associations and similar organizations for maritime law standardization and harmonization;
k) Participation in draft legislation promoted by UNCITRAL, UNCTAD, IMO;
l) Participation in draft legislation for the unification and simplification of procedures for the administration of justice in maritime courts;
m) Participation as “amicus curiae” in the administration of justice when important issues of law or jurisprudence on the interpretation uniformity and harmonization of maritime law rules are in discussion.